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About Us

Art4myroom is a subscription based website developed specifically for K-6 teachers.  It provides art lessons in association with the new school curriculum and includes step-by-step instructions, supported by colourful samples of children’s artworks.

Children will be immersed in a variety of different art techniques, skills and media. Art4myroom uses products and art supplies regularly found in the classroom, making it simple for any teacher to produce a wonderful art display at any time of the year. We understand the need to cater for a wide range of ability groups and have produced lessons that are theme based and enrich the knowledge of the subject matter being taught.

Each of the lessons supplied on our website lends itself to individual interpretation and should reflect each student’s personal creativity for best results.

New, easy to access lessons are available for use on smartboards, computers or tablets, and printer friendly lessons can be added to your program.

Have your classroom looking its best all year round.  The children, teachers, parents and community will be impressed.


Teacher – AUD $40

  School  – AUD $200

 Invoices can be emailed to schools.