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Art Ideas for Primary School Teachers

Children learn a lot from their surrounding environment as they grow up. That is why it is so important to ensure they have a visually sound classroom in which to learn. Thematic art can play a big role in training and teaching primary school students. This is where Art4myroom comes in. 

We provide a range of excellent art ideas for primary school teachers across different school years that will greatly enhance the learning experience of your students for just $45 a year. We also have a range of skills and techniques that can be applied to the classroom.

Explore Art as a Creative Medium

Art is beneficial for all types of learners. It helps students express themselves and learn in a fun, active way.

At Art4myroom, our goal is to help teachers incorporate art as a medium in learning. We offer clear, step-by-step art creative ideas and lesson plans. These resources help teachers easily integrate art to enhance classroom learning.

Aboriginal Art Traditions through Finger Painting 

At Art4myroom, we recognise the importance of acknowledging the traditional custodians of the land, and aim to integrate this into Aussie classrooms. We do this through our Aboriginal inspired art ideas, which can help you meet curricular requirements such as “NAIDOC week.” Engaging with these ideas in art  helps boost students’ understanding of culture, community and country. 

We also offer recognition of historical landmarks such as “Uluru” and its importance with Aboriginal culture. Each idea captures Aboriginal art techniques, such as finger dot painting. This allows for a deeper insight into Australia’s origin cultural roots in a way that stimulates their senses and creativity.

Exploring Asia & Pacific Art

Dive into the colourful arts of Asia and the Pacific by engaging students with projects inspired by traditional crafts like Japanese origami, Chinese calligraphy, and Polynesian tapa cloth designs. These activities not only build artistic skills but also open a window to the rich cultural heritages of these regions. For example, origami is a wonderful tool for boosting understanding of space and geometry.

Sustainability in Art & Using Recycled Materials

IMG_722922smallEncourage a more eco-friendly and sustainable consciousness with your classroom with art that explores the themes of environmentalism and recyclable materials. Engaging with these ideas in art allows your class to gain a stronger understanding of these universally recognised symbols and practices around sustainable art practices and environmentally-focussed art.

This helps students engage with their connection between themselves, their environment and the ways they can imagine change. The materials you can engage with in exploring these concepts include: old newspapers, buttons, fabric scraps, fallen leaves or plastic bottles. This is a recommended art idea for upper primary to explore alongside environmental science.

Basics of Shading & Perspective

Teach the fundamentals of shading and perspective to improve students’ drawing abilities. Simple tasks, such as observing and sketching cubes, spheres, and cylinders, can clarify concepts of light, depth, and form. Use shading to depict different times of day and weather conditions in landscape or cityscape projects.

Understanding Colour Theory

Introduce colour theory through interactive tasks like mixing colours. Help students grasp the concepts of primary, secondary, and tertiary colours and the emotional impacts of various shades. A creative activity could involve painting a mood piece where colours reflect their emotions on that day.

Cutting & Pasting Textiles

Explore textures by cutting and pasting different textiles into collage art. Use materials like felt, lace, and burlap for these collages. This activity not only boosts sensory development but also ties into lessons on patterns, symmetry, and composition. This also encourages students to create fun art projects that extend beyond the usual elements they put on a piece of paper. 

Seasonal and Festival Art Projects

Broaden student understanding of multicultural Australian society, through art ideas that reflect cultural and religious festivities. Engaging your primary school students in art projects around these times can help introduce and familiarise students with a wider range of traditions. 

It may also help them foster and strengthen bonds with their peers. Seasonal art gives students a creative and exciting means of participating in Australian holidays like Easter, and engaging their understanding with other cultural celebrations like Diwali.

Art for Teaching Complex Subjects

Make challenging topics more accessible through art. For example, use creative drawing and design to explain mathematical concepts like fractions and geometry. Art can also demystify scientific ideas, such as depicting different biomes or ecosystems with watercolours.

Art in History Education

The best way to conceptualise art is through art itself. Art has renowned historical ties and connections from different parts of the world. Our broad range of art ideas encapsulate historical time periods across different artists. 

From the renaissance era of realistic portraits, to ancient Egypt with hieroglyphic scrolls. Mona LisaWhich aids student recognition of well known artists, ranging from Van Gogh to Picasso. While being inspired by their artistry and bridging it to the modern day world. One art idea that emphasises this is “Mona Lisa,” which allows students to envision this historical figure in the 21st century.  Which can make them gain a deeper historical perspective, and enhance their creative skills with broadening their knowledge of past artist traditions. 

Art Ideas for Primary School Classrooms

Primary school students generally have a hard time absorbing dry theories and scientific studies. Even facts that are constantly repeated can be easily forgotten. Art4myroom provides various art ideas for primary school teachers. These ideas can be implemented so that the room can be designed in a way that will properly reflect the subject that is being taught. Blending the more difficult facts with beautiful student artwork will ensure information is more easily absorbed by students.

Our website aims to develop an excellent learning experience by providing art ideas for teachers in primary schools. When students are presented with information in a beautiful, engaging visual form, they will find the information much easier to absorb and remember.

Art4myroom provides the following:

  • Innovative  primary school art ideas to improve visuals in the classroom and help students enjoy the learning process.
  • Our classroom art ideas for primary schools can be easily accessed and are meant for smartphones, tablets and computers.
  • Providing thematic art work for relevant subjects will help students absorb and understand information

How Can You Make Your Classroom More Effective with Art?

Decorating a classroom can be difficult, and teachers are often stuck for ideas on how to do so effectively. Sure, examples of art can be found online, but we provide step by step instructions on how to go about doing things.

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Student artwork plans have never been easier for teachers, than with us. That is why Art4myroom is such a great choice. We will give you step by step instructions and ideas that you can use for your own classroom activities.

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