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Your next Art Lesson’s just a click away!

To access a library of Art Lessons for your classroom today simple follow these 3 easy steps and you will be ready to go!

1. Sign-up

Create your art4myroom account

Art4myroom accounts start from just $40 per year for an individual teacher and $200 per
year for an entire school! Having an account will give you access to an entire library of
lessons, with all images and instructions ready for your next Art Lesson.

2. Select Your Lesson

Choose the category & Lesson

Once logged into your account, simply click the “open lessons” tab at the side of your
browser to view the lesson categories, select the desired category to see all the lessons
available and then select your lesson.

3. Teach The Lesson

Compatible with big & small screens

Once you have selected a lesson, you’re ready to teach it. You can either print it out or
display the lesson on any screen from an iPad to a Smart Board. Enjoy your new, easy to
teach, art lesson – we know your students will!