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Art Ideas Lesson Plans for Teachers

Learning represents a reciprocal relationship between teacher and student. There are many ways to enhance the effectiveness of this relationship, while also improving the ease with which students absorb and understand information. One way in which this can be achieved is by incorporating art into lesson plans. Using artistic and pictorial interpretations of ideas will make it easier for children to learn and understand concepts and information. Incorporating art into your lesson plans can also help convert flat, boring topics, into in-depth, creative discussions. Teachers everywhere will benefit from incorporating art into their lesson plans.

Art4myroom is a unique website that is dedicated to helping teachers incorporate art into their lessons to enhance the learning experience of the children in the classroom. Browsing through our website you will find:

  • Thematic artwork for teachers to use to support certain lessons and subject matter
  • Creative lesson plans based around different art techniques
  • Innovative classroom ideas, including different art pieces available via subscription to our website

Using Art as a Medium to Teach

The basic idea behind creating Art4myroom was to make teachers aware of the many and varied benefits of using art as a medium for teaching. We do this by providing excellent ideas for teachers that can be incorporated into lesson plans. We also feature art that was created by children in kindergarten. Browsing through, you will find art lessons with step by step user guides. The guides are simple to understand, and easy to follow. They are sure to engage your students, and help them learn actively. We also focus more on the practical application of art, rather than bombard students and teachers alike with information.

Becoming a Part of Art4myroom

To become part of Art4myroom and receive access to exclusive art-based lesson plans, and thematic art, you can subscribe. The benefits are considerable. We will help you deliver your topics of learning more effectively to students through the use of art mediums and techniques. All art lessons can be viewed and customised to suit devices like smartphones, tablets, and PCs. We can help you decorate your classroom with simple and effective artwork that will help assist children absorb important knowledge and ideas.

Subscribe to Art4myroom today, and begin incorporating art into your lesson plans. Make your classroom a place in which your students can enjoy learning new ideas and concepts.

At Art4myroom, we understand how important it is to make the classroom a place where children can have fun and be creative. Our easy-to-use art lesson plans for teachers are supposed to meet a lack most schools have: they are not creative enough. If you are a teacher who wants to make her lessons more fun and exciting for the kids, then our website is a great place to come to. Not only do we make art classes fun, but our lessons can also be used to teach a complex subject matter with ease. Also, when a classroom has its walls filled with artwork done by the kids, not only does it become a colourful space, it also helps the children express themselves better.

An easy user interface

One does not have to be a tech-geek to use our art lesson plans for teachers. Our user interface is easy to make sure that it can be accessed by teachers with different technical skill levels. All you have to do is sign-up (ours is a subscription-based website, and choose from our huge range of activities and plans. As soon as you choose a lesson you like, you are ready to teach it, whether it is by taking a print-out or on a smartboard, tablet or an iPad.

Australia classrooms can now be more fun!

That’s right. With a little help from us, it is easy to make our classrooms fun. Our art lesson plans for teachers have been designed in such a way to make sure that kids are enthusiastic to participate.

Getting access to a huge library of art lesson plans for teachers at Art4myroom is easy. Sign up at our website at or email us at for any enquiries you might have today.