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Visual/Elementary Art Lesson Plans

Art 4 My Room is a subscription-based website that has been specifically developed for K-6 teachers.  Subscribers can access visual or elementary art lesson plans that can be used on computers, tablets and smart-boards. You can also add printer-friendly lessons to your program.  Research suggests that visual arts are vital to the learning & knowledge growth of students. It is expansive in nature and a very creative and unique way of teaching children new concepts and ideas.

High Value Visual or Elementary Art Lesson Plans

It is a also a way of breaking free from conventional modes of teaching and getting students interested in learning new concepts and subjects.  You are bound to have students with a differing ability range in your class; as a teacher it becomes even more important for you to incorporate learning methodology that will involve all the students in an equally-engaging manner.

Changing The Trend

The general trend across schools is that the educational setting does not provide much of a scope for art and the visual or elementary art lesson plans that Art 4 My Room offers is a great way of reversing that trend.  Take a look at the benefits of virtual art lessons:

  • Enhances eye-hand coordination via drawing, painting & collage-making
  • Improves problem-solving ability as children learn to label objects & shapes correctly
  • Introduce concepts of shape, colour and texture and encourages children to think out-of-the-box
  • Provides children a non-verbal language to express their feelings and understand new concepts
  • Heightens a child’s perceptual abilities
  • Builds a bridge between events and meanings and feelings and children are encouraged to explore and get creative

The Best Resources for Visual or Elementary Art Lesson Plans

As a subscriber of Art 4 My Room, you will find that our visual art lesson plans are complete value for money and when it comes to creativity and ideas, the sky is the limit. You will find the best resources on our site and can use them to enhance your classroom instruction. It’s a great way to add the interest and fun quotient to your teaching. You can login and subscribe to our website for new and innovative arts and craft ideas for your classroom.