Testimonials - Art4MyRoom


“Art4myroom is an amazing website which I use on a weekly basis. The art lessons are fun and creative and look very effective displayed in the classroom. The lesson plans are easy to follow, even for ‘non-arty’ people like myself, and being able to display it on the interactive whiteboard makes it easy for students too. They love being able to create a variety of different artworks which display their many different skills no matter their ability. I highly recommend Art4myroom. It’s your art program done at the click of a button.”

Kirstie Philip – Carlton Public School – NSW

“Thank you for providing the opportunity to showcase student artwork. I use the art4myroom site regularly and the children really enjoy creating the ideas from the website. Your wonderful website makes preparing for art lessons much easier and efficient.”

John Manning – Kimberley Park State School – QLD

“Thanks to your website, I have now unleashed a creative monster of sorts. We love the examples on the site and can’t wait to try some more!”

Lami Mentzas

“I can not praise your website enough with the help you give us teachers”

Michael O’Shea – Warrawee Public School

“I subscribed, had a 3/4 class have a go at this (artwork) and they all look different but fabulous- love it. The lesson was easy to follow and did not highlight my distinct lack of artistic ability!?”

Bronwen Westley

“Your prize-winning section has enabled our children to achieve success and encourage further creativity and understanding. Thank you.”

Neil Manocco

“Kindergarten absolutely loved making these artworks. Thank you art4myroom making it so easy to complete with 30 children. Your step-by-step instructions made it achievable. Can’t wait to start my next art lesson with you.”

Sarah Violakis

“This is a great site!! I’m a member!!”

Jody Hall

“I love your website. My class has produced many great artworks. Thank you art4myroom.”

Susan Shopovski

“Attached is some of the awesome artwork that my students have created from your website. Your site is awesome!”

Katie Manderson – Kearsley Public School – NSW

“It’s so exciting to win something and can’t wait to share (child’s name) success with everyone!”

Meredith Krygger – Nilma Primary School – VIC

“I have subscribed to your site all year, and I must say it has been awesome and been so useful in improving my art lessons and ensuring the students have genuine experiences across a number of different techniques.”

Laura Le Breton – Year 5 Teacher