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Craft and Art Painting Ideas

When it comes to teaching students, teachers have to be creative with the ideas they use in the classroom and the manner in which they are presented.  Art 4 My Room is a subscription-based website that has been specifically developed for K-6 teachers. It is a user-friendly platform that is literally a treasure-house of fun and creative art painting ideas.  Here, you will get art lessons that are linked-in with the latest school curriculum.

Where To Get The Best Arts and Craft Ideas

You will find very useful step-by-step instructions for a range of arts and craft ideas; all of which are supported by attractive and colorful samples of artworks made by children.  You can use these ideas while teaching children in your classroom and you can engage them in a number of art techniques, media and skills.  We use art supplies and products that you will very regularly find in classrooms.

Wide Range of Topics on Art Painting and Craft Ideas

This simplifies your job and you are able to produce stunning art displays anytime you like. We know you have to cater to a number of ability groups and so you have designed theme-based lessons that enhance the knowledge that of all the subjects that you are teaching your students.  You will find that we cover a range of topics and themes such as:

Distinct Features of Art 4 My Room:

  • Innovative art lessons for the K-6 classroom
  • Avenues for a number of different skills & media
  • Thematic approach to craft & art
  • Allows for interaction between the students and their environment
  • Enriches understanding & knowledge of subject matter
  • Explore different techniques & tools used in the artworks
  • Colourful classroom right through the year
  • Fun way to learn

We believe that creativity is something that can be developed and Art 4 My Room gives you the scope and the tools to help you along the way.

Getting Creative in The Classroom is Easy with our Art Painting and Craft Ideas

That’s right! At Art 4 My Room, we pay attention to making our art painting ideas creative and fun. With us, the fun never stops because we know that kids learn better when they are enthusiastic. We have a wide range of arts and craft ideas for K-6 kids. If you are a teacher and want to bring more creativity to your classroom, then subscribing at our website is a great idea. With our lessons, having fun in the classroom and learning was never this easy!

Our Service is Easy To Use

We understand that our teachers may not be highly teach-savvy. Few people are. That is why we have made the whole process of using our website a very easy one. All you have to do is choose a lesson category and you will be shown a wide variety of lessons to choose from. Just click on one you like and that’s it! You are ready to teach! It is as simple as that.

Our Arts and Craft Ideas Improve The Overall Development of Kids

You would be mistaken if you thought that art is only good for increasing creativity. It does much more than that. The skills a child learns in art and crafts class gets spilled over to her academic performance as well. Whether it helps her to do well in an art and science project or in literature class, arts helps with the overall development of kids. With our huge range of topics and art painting ideas for you to choose from, we are sure that your classroom will be a colourful space all year long.

You can get access to a huge library of art painting ideas at Art4myroom. Sign up at our website at today or send us an email at if you need more information.